My Patreon Page is my main source of support and income. It funds all of my public work you see on social media. By signing up and pledging any amount, you gain access to behind-the-scenes, teasers, previews and more. It’s also the best way for me to communicate with my fans and to get your feedback.

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While Patreon supports my daily editing and posting, I use GoFundMe to help fund larger trips and travel. My latest big project will be making a vlog at Skate America in Las Vegas. Click here to support and/or learn more about that trip.

My last GoFundMe was the very successful trip to Autumn Classic International, where I also produced behind the scenes videos for Skate Canada. You can watch a playlist of them on YouTube here!

Yes, there is a general GoFundMe page for On Ice Perspectives. It doesn’t have a purpose at the moment, but in the future it may help me reach a very important goal.

For those that don’t want to or can’t give a monthly amount, you can send a one-time donation to my PayPal address:

I always appreciate the support and donations from parents of the skaters I’ve filmed. I encourage them however to become a monthly Patreon supporter so I can continue to pay it forward to more skaters!